Kuta Beach - The Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Lombok

Kuta Beach - The Best and Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Lombok. Lombok is a place that is a destination for tourists for a vacation. Both local and foreign tourists. There are so many tourist attractions that you can visit in Lombok. Ranging from culinary tours, mountains, hills to beach attractions which are crowded.

Lombok has a beautiful beach tour, this is because of its geographical location surrounded by beaches. Besides that Lombok also has small islands called Gili.

Just open Bali, Lombok also has Kuta Beach which is no less beautiful. Kuta Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok. This beach is located in Kuta Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Kuta Beach - The Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Lombok

The beauty of this beach attracts many tourists to visit. In addition to its natural beauty, the Bau Nyale ceremony will also be held once a year. In the event, fishermen and residents who participated in the event will look for Nyale worms in the sea.

There is a legend behind the activity. The community believes that the "Nyale worm" is the incarnation of a princess named Putri Mandalika. The figure of a princess who has a very beautiful face, so many princes who want to marry her. Long story short, the princess was confused in making choices, because she was afraid that it might cause divisions and battles between kingdoms.

After Princess Mandalika thought for a long time, finally the princess gathered all the princes and the people in Kuta Beach. The princess walked toward a large stone and looked at all the attendees who had come.

Pantai Kuta

The princess began speaking in front of her father and mother and witnessed by all princes and the public. He said that I am for all of you. I cannot choose one of the many princes. After delivering the message the princess jumped into the sea. Seeing this incident, everyone was panicked and hysterical. They tried to find the princess but were never found.

Shortly after Princess Mandalika disappeared, a small animal with a very large number appeared from the bottom of the sea. The animal is in the form of sea worms with a very beautiful color combination. Society calls these animals as "Nyale". The community believes that the worm is the incarnation of the Princess Mandalika. In the end, they took as many animals as they could to love Princess Mandalika.

In addition to the "Bau Nyale" event, there are many more beauties of Kuta Beach that can hypnotize tourists with their beauty. Typical beach sand shaped like pepper beads with white color adds to the beauty of this beach. The unique beach jam, on this beach there is also a row of beautiful hills. This row of books creates such a beautiful view with a combination of sea blue that you will not get anywhere else.

The clear sea water allows you to see the world view that the sea. You can also see the beautiful view from the top of the Mandalika hill. The hill is one of the attractions for tourists and becomes everyone's favorite place. From the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful view of Kuta Beach with clear seawater so you can see the view of coral reefs from the top of the hill.

Pantai Kuta - The Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Lombok

Also, Kuta Beach is the right place for those of you who like to surf snorkeling and diving. The waves are quite large so you can do water sports like surfing. For those of you who like water sports then you can rent facilities that have been provided such as a banana boat, windsurfer, and jet-skiing. Kuta Beach will be very beautiful in the afternoon when the sun begins to set. You can enjoy the view of the sunrise amid the beauty of Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach is already very well known, both local and foreign tourists. Well, if you have time for a vacation to Lombok, then try to visit this one place.

Besides you can enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach, you can also enjoy the beauty of the Seger monitor, which is located about 2 KM from Kuta Beach. The beach is also a famous tourist spot in Lombok. Because it has a natural beauty that is not much different from Kuta Beach.

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